A number of companies are either in the testing stage of their ISO 15118 implementations or already have equipment production-ready.
As far as I know, every German car manufacturer and many other European, American, and Asian car manufacturers have been testing their ISO 15118 implementations for several years. Many also attend the twice-yearly International CCS & ISO 15118 Testing Symposium.
If I had to take a guess, I would say that most of them are going to release production-ready implementations in mass-production cars and charging stations by 2019/2020.

German-based Daimler currently has ISO 15118 running in their Smart EDs, with innogy SE's charging stations that already communicate with this version of ISO 15118.

With regards to charging station vendors, innogy SE continues to the pioneer here, but other manufacturers are gaining momentum.

Take a look at chapter 10 of the ISO 15118 Manual (free extract available upon subscription to the V2G Clarity newsletter) for a list of suppliers providing ISO 15118-ready hardware.
And you know what? If you buy the ISO 15118 Manual, you will get updates for free!
Pretty sweet, right?

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