The ISO 15118 Manual provides the foundation for an in-depth understanding of how this communication protocol works, how to implement it, and which pitfalls to avoid. The knowledge condensed in this eBook alone is enough material for a two-week intensive course.

This comprehensive, professional guide will save you time and money in learning the ins and outs of how this technology works. There is no other book that provides as much knowledge on this topic as this reference guide. But don’t take my word for it. Get a look inside when you sign up for the free extract.

The online courses provide you with even more in-depth information and practical exercises to enhance your learning experience. 

"Revolutionize Electric Vehicle Charging - With Plug & Charge Powered by RISE V2G" is a free four-part online course that guides you through the setup, configuration, and launch of RISE V2G, the only open-source implementation of ISO 15118.

"Master the Communication for Charging Electric Vehicles" is an online course that shows you the ins and outs of ISO 15118 using an in-depth tour through RISE V2G. Here, you'll learn how the message exchange between the EV and charging station works in detail by illustrating the corresponding state machines, timing requirements, and much more while guiding you through the code base with practical excercises.

"Data Security and Plug & Charge With ISO 15118" focuses on the security aspects of the tamper-proof and convenient Plug & Charge feature that comes with ISO 15118. Here, you'll learn everything you need to know about the cryptographic mechanisms used to secure the communication between the EV and charging station. It goes way beyond the content of the ISO 15118 Manual, as ISO 15118 is only half the equation. This standard solely defines the communication between the electric vehicle and the charging station. But if you don't know how the public-key infrastructures and e-mobility business processes work in the cloud to bring the complete Plug & Charge experience to life, then it's as if you built a brand-new fascinating car - but forgot to put the engine in. Hence, this online course has you covered with all the necessary knowledge to fully understand and implement Plug & Charge.

Some contents in the eBook and the online courses may overlap to a certain extent - which is why you'll also get a discount in case you opt for purchasing both the ISO 15118 Manual and one of the online courses. Drop me a line and I'll get back to you with further information.

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