One of the reasons why I do not provide a printed book is that you can't deliver updates or inform readers of real-time changes within this fast-evolving industry.

Since this standard is a very young technology, new questions and issues constantly arise as people are implementing the specified requirements. I want to answer those questions as quickly as possible. Furthermore, I am actively engaged in industry-specific summits, dialogues, events, conferences and more, and want to share up-to-date information with my subscribers as it develops.

Once you’ve purchased the ISO 15118 Manual, you’ll automatically receive the latest updates, corrections, and addendums by email. The same goes for my video courses. As rule specifications change or I further explicate complex topics, I will send free updates right to your inbox.

Note: The ISO 15118 Standard is currently being updated to its second edition. This rather significant change will likely not be part of the free updates, but will instead be explained within a new eBook.

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